Women’s Golf Lessons 101 (Your Simple Beginner’s Guide)

Are you a golf enthusiast searching for the best women’s golf lessons near you? Like men’s golf, women’s enthusiasm and participation in golf is consistently increasing each year. According to the 2017 National Golf Foundation report, there are approximately 5.8 million women golfers, and that number is growing daily.

But before you dive into the game, let’s take a few steps back to learn a little about women’s golf history.

Women’s Golf Lesson History in a Nutshell 


The relationship between women and golf started back around the 1500s. Mary, Queen of Scots, is recorded by historians as the first female to play golf. She is also credited with coining the word ‘caddie’, derived from the word ‘cadets’, by which she used to refer to her assistants.

On January 9, 1811, the first recorded women’s golf tournament was held. In 1867, the first women’s golf club was formed in Scotland; the club is currently known as the St. Andrews Ladies’ Putting Club. In the United States, the Shinnecock Hills Golf Club in Southampton was one of the earliest clubs to allow women to play. Cut to 2015, and Lydia Ko became the youngest golfer of either gender to hold the world’s no. 1 position. After golf’s return to the Olympics in 2016, Inbee Park became the first gold medalist.

So, if you want to be part of this prestigious history, you have to learn the rules and guidelines of women’s golf lessons. Golf, traditionally called a ‘gentleman’s game’, can seem challenging for anyone, but especially women, as they were discouraged from playing it for so long. But professional golf training can make the process much easier. What follows is a list of guidelines regarding women’s golf lessons that you can refer to as a beginner.

7 Easy Guidelines to Women’s Golf Lesson for Beginners 


Golf is a sport played for both leisure and competition that follows specific, strict guidelines. So, if you want to be a golfer, you have to abide by its rules, etiquette, and safety measures. The learning for men’s golf lessons is also filled with ups and downs; challenges and rewards. Therefore, if you are ready to commit, you have to learn where to start.

1. Learn the Basics 

Playing golf is not easy. Here, you have to use a golf club to hit a little ball into a hole a hundred yards away. To nail that shot, you have to start with the basics, including its terminologies and how the game is played.

2. Arrange Your Golf Club Set 

Being a beginner, you can borrow your golf clubs. Before buying your own set, do some research. You will need a wood or hybrid driver, a wedge, a few irons, and a putter for the initial stage of your development. Check your equipment’s quality and consult with your instructor before buying.

3. Learn the Fundamentals of Your Swing 

What is the most challenging shot in golf? Some say it’s the plugged bunker shot; others, the 10-foot downhill putt. But the most important thing to learn here is how to swing the club correctly to hit the ball perfectly.

Coordinating your muscles in a particular posture for four hours or more to perfectly hit the ball every time is not easy. It requires fundamental training and a high degree of mental strength. Therefore, learn the mechanics of the proper golf swing from a golf teacher. You can even take a women’s group golf lesson. They are so much fun because the tone place is informal and relaxing. You also get to meet new people and learn with others who are also starting out, just like you!

4. Be Consistent and Keep Practising 

Nothing happens in a single day so keep practising. Different swings require different clubs. After learning, practice, practice, practice. It will help your muscle memory and ensures your improvement.

5. Find a Partner, Friend, or Group to Play With 

Finding a golf partner is one of the most important steps to learning the game. However, you don’t need to be too fussy while choosing a partner. Anyone can accompany you in golf regardless of their level of skill as ultimately you are playing against the course. Here, your main objective is to learn the game and how to hit the ball.

6. Join a League 

This is a very beneficial option for women’s golf lessons. Keep in touch with your local golf association to learn about the different leagues. Here, you can learn from more experienced players, although you may initially feel timid. But those women were also once in your position, and some will be more than happy to help. Playing in any tournament will also give you experience that can last a lifetime.

7. Enjoy the Journey 

Never forget why you started your golf journey and don’t let yourself be stressed out by the pressure of the game. Learn from the professionals and yourself. And, most importantly, enjoy.


Here are few quick tips for female golfers that can help your playing.

a. Don’t bend your knees. This ruins your posture and saps your swing of power. Instead, bend at your hips to create the right athletic stance. This will help you push your rear and shoulder blades back while making room for the swing and maintaining balance.

b. The correct grip is equally essential as it is the only contact you have with the club. And the wrong grip can lead to a worse shot.

c. Swing through the ball with a relaxed and focused approach.

d. Execute your strategy with accuracy while attempting to shoot low scores and improve your handicap.

e. Golf is a balance between creating a solid foundation and maintaining fluid and flexible movements. For example, don’t lock your heels to the ground; that way your body won’t be able to turn the ball into an excellent follow-through. Instead, shift your weight to the forward foot while allowing your back foot to rise on the toe for more flexible movement.

Golf requires practice. It’s not possible to learn everything in a 30-minutes women’s golf lesson. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and tips and learn from a reliable professional to start swinging those golf clubs.