Proficient guidance and training in the game of golf enables a person to effectively hone their fundamentals and strategically steer their path to accomplishing their goals.  A name to reckon with for golfing skills, Indy Brar, has trained several students to strive beyond their expectations. His experience and expertise in the game have helped his students become well-versed on the golf course. He has specialized sessions for varied age groups that are accompanied with swing analysis videos that further nurture the improvement of skills, and engage students in a reflective practice. Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced golfer, taking advantage of professional training for excellence is always rewarding.  An adept golfer with exceptional communication skills, Indy Brar makes his golf lessons, interactive, interesting and fun!  His lessons always leave students eagerly thirsting for more and becoming enthusiastic about the sport. 9_s “From a very young age, I have had a deep rooted passion for golf and a natural ability to play the sport with my heart.  It is my personal belief, that this humbling sport teaches a person how to be focused in the present moment, understand and control his/her emotions, engage in self-reflection, and grow as an individual.
As an instructor, my goal is to help you tap into your unlimited potential and discover abilities that you previously were unaware of.  A unique guide is one whom strives beyond just teaching “a lesson” and posses a great vision for you from the very first day.  As a guide, I am committed to helping you build strong golf fundamentals, overcome challenges, and dedicated to building and fine tuning your skills.   I have no reservations in scheduling lessons that accommodate your needs, helping you purchase the right equipment, and being available to answer your questions. “

Passionate about imparting tips and tricks of the game, Indy Brar’s dedication in shaping his students is unparalleled. He is the Head Instructor at the Riverstone Golf Course where students can implement skills learned in his lessons and also teaches at the automated AGT Driving Range, where students can enhance their swing techniques.
Success as an instructor is defined by the ability to bring each aspect of the game together for a student in a manner that weaves a great vision for him/her in mind.