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    Though every golfer has their own key to success, it’s beneficial to take lessons from professionals. We need to be taught how to swing our club properly; no one picks it up and knows what to do exactly right. Lessons help beginners ace the fundamentals, ensuring they are on the path to improvement. Even if you’re at an intermediate or advanced level, the right teacher can help you overcome your plateau and improve your skills to play at your desired level. However, to be successful, you need a teacher who understands your learning style and can personalize the lesson to your skills and knowledge.

    This is where Learn 2 Golf Academy comes in. We offer private and group golf lessons in Burlington, Mississauga, Milton and Oakville for both adults and children. Our professional coaches have been playing the sport for years and can prepare lessons suitable for all levels of experience and skill. Our training facility offers players at all levels the opportunity to practice, improve and learn under the supervision of experienced professionals. We will show you where to start and offer insights on what you need to work on, allowing you to build a confident mental attitude.

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    Our junior golf program introduces the game to youngsters and teaches them the fundamentals in a simple way. Our classes support their changing swing dynamic as their body proportions, strength and height change.



    Our instructors have the experience and skills to create a student-centred lesson for women. We help set goals, diagnose and assess swing techniques with regard to female students’ stature and strength.



    We offer private golf lessons for all ages. Our coaches provide a wide range of talent, offering each golfer a chance to find a unique match for their learning pace and style.



    We ensure golfers can practice and improve their skills while playing in a competitive setting. We let players challenge themselves in an environment where they can connect with others and play socially or individually.



    Our specialty classes are designed to help golfers improve their technique and build upon established skills. Players get professional guidance for long and short games that focus on specific techniques.



    Our golf camps cover different aspects of the game. Students are generally divided into groups consisting of others of the same ability and age. This creates a fast-paced learning environment that is also safe.


    Why Choose Us When Looking for Golf Lessons Near You?

    Are you looking to start playing golf, a parent looking for a fun activity for your child, or an experienced golfer wanting to improve your skills? Learn 2 Golf offers a wide range of lessons guaranteed to help you become better. We provide classes ranging from private and group lessons for both children and adults to specialty classes and camps designed to accommodate all experience levels and ages. Our coaches encourage enjoyment while learning the sport's essentials. Our all-inclusive approach to teaching goes beyond just teaching the basics of swing techniques. With proper instruction, your golf grip will also improve significantly as it naturally lays the foundation to ensure your game gets better.

    • Personalized Classes
    • Improved Form
    • Swing Analysis
    • Coaching Options
    • Proper Mechanics
    • Clear Guidance

    Various Challenges Players May Face When Playing Golf

    Golf is a game of skill and there are no shortcuts to mastering it. Although it’s possible for individuals to develop their skills without any formal teaching, it’s generally an exception and not the rule. However, without proper knowledge of the sport’s principles and mechanics, it’s impossible to understand the cause and effect that governs a major part of golf. This leads to self-taught individuals playing inconsistently as they lack the skills required to determine what will happen on any particular play day. This means players can only move to the next level once they’ve mastered the one they’re currently on. Hence, in order to improve, one must identify one’s weaknesses and work towards eliminating them. Here are some common challenges that golfers can relate to:

    Reasons to Consider Golf Lessons

    Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your game or are new to the sport, taking lessons from a reputable golf academy near you is a great way to improve. Golf lessons give you the opportunity to work with instructors who have been playing and practicing for years and who will give you individualized attention. Your coach will prepare a personalized plan to meet your unique requirements to ensure improvement. Here are some ways golf lessons can benefit players at any level.

    Remember, lessons aren’t just for new players but something professionals can benefit from too. They can hone your skills and figure out your mistakes, and ways to improve them. Additionally, you also have a professional who can recommend suitable golf gear. If you’re looking to take golf lessons in Ontario, Milton, Oakville or Mississauga, look no further than Learn 2 Golf Academy. Contact us and schedule a golf lesson to enjoy the benefits.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Just had a half hrs with Stuart i have been playing many years now and have never hit a draw shot but within no time his method has got me better set up and drawing the ball. Simple easy steps all well within my golfing levels.

    Dennis Palmer

    Had my first lesson and loved it. Have my next one booked in. Thanks Stuart great coach and made my day

    Paul Wallace

    The best and most simplified golf coaching available!! I you want to improve you golf this is the place to look!!

    Stuart Small