Why Golf Is One of the Best Sports in the World

Golf Sport

Golf is a popular sport played with etiquette and works as a great stress buster. People all over the world are amazed about how this game helps increase concentration, stay fit and enhances life expectancy.

Although traditionally termed as a gentleman’s sport, women and children are also developing a liking towards playing this wonderful sport that has established itself as a great activity for wellness.

To understand why it is considered on of the best, check out this list of benefits associated to playing golf:

  • Improves concentration

Unlike other high-tempo games like rugby, soccer and others, golf requires a lot of patience and concentration. Once you develop the art of ‘swings’, staying in the game for 4-5 hours is not a big deal. After playing few rounds with mates or all by yourself, you’ll forget your stress and feel refreshed.

  • Increases life expectancy

Golf is a great option if you are looking forward to living a long life. According to the studies published by a renowned medical association, the Karolinska Institute, golfers live 5 years longer than the rest of the population with average mortality rate.

  • Helps to build a fit body

You need to cover long and wide spreads of green fields in order to play this sport. Generally, golf courses are huge and the game involves lots of walking. Golfers walk an average of 7 to 10 kilometres per game. This activity has positive effects on the body, such as keeping the blood pressure and cholesterol in check. Also, the swings require repetitive muscle exercises.

  • Builds a social life around it

When playing golf, you meet a niche society and network with influential people. Playing 18 holes on the lush green fields is a beautiful experience and will help you meet a handful of like-minded people. You will have a social space and garner some valuable friendships for relaxation or business.

  • Promotes healthy competition

No one forces you to play this sport. Random fights or arguments don’t have any room in this sophisticated game. You have to treasure each shot and enjoy on the game with your mates. This is true because of the etiquette involved in playing this sport. Play it with class.

  • Keeps you entertained

Golf courses are acres of green wide pastures overlooking small ponds. If you’re bored of playing in one course you can travel to another and start a whole new experience. Also, the different courses offer different challenges that will aid you in perfecting your skills.

  • Can be played at any age

The exclusivity of this sport is that it can be played at any age. In fact, many take up this sport in their late 30s while others begin at an early age. It depends on personal choice and passion towards playing golf.

In a nutshell, the scenic beauty of the golf courses, the sportsmanship involved and the particular etiquette, make this sport stand-out among other sports. For all the reasons mentioned above, you can’t miss playing golf. Don’t you think it’s time for you to be a golfer? Think about it!