How Your Child Can Get the Most Out of Golf Lessons

Have you signed up your child up for lessons at a kids’ golf academy in Mississauga? Then how do you ensure they maximize their time?

Golf instructors want young players to avoid problems that will impede their progress and hamper their enthusiasm for the game. To that end, we have outlined some important things for them to do to see improvements when learning to play.

How Children Can Get the Most from Kids Golf Lessons

We have presented some information below to ensure kids taking golf lessons at an academy can become better at the game.

1. Determine Goals

There are several reasons why your child may have decided to take golf lessons. Maybe, they want to learn how to play for social enjoyment. Or, maybe they are looking to compete with others at the same level.

Before deciding on an instructor, you need to clearly understand why your child wants to take lessons and set clear expectations with their coach. This will allow the instructor to tailor the lessons to ensure they meet your child’s golfing goals.


2. Ditch Preconceived Notions

This is a major issue that most kids have been through during their instruction. This is what it typically looks like:

  • ● The child tries to determine what is wrong with their swings.
  • ● They struggle to make the corrections on their own so parents suggest lessons.
  • ● The child begins their lessons thinking they know exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done.
  • ● This results in them approaching the lesson with a closed mind and they ignore most of their coaching, except for what aligns with their preconceived notions.
  • ● After the lesson, the child doesn’t see much improvement and feels disappointed.

Have you noticed this happening with your child too?

This is a process that most golfers have been through, and kid golfers are no exception. This often leads them to believe that lessons aren’t for them, but this is far from the case. The reason why the child doesn’t see any progress is because they started their lessons with a closed mind which led them to fail after the lesson.

But they should follow the expert opinion. If your kid wants to see results from their golf lessons, they need to be receptive to the coach’s ideas.


3. Ask for Feedback

It can be difficult for your child to remember everything they were taught during their golf lessons. But, don’t worry; there are a few potential solutions.

One good idea is to film their lessons so they can watch them later. Or, you may ask the coach to provide a list of pointers once the lesson is over. This way, your child can carry the list to their lesson and know how to practice better for upcoming sessions.


4. Choose a Type of Lesson

Once your child has an idea about their golfing goals, they need to determine the learning method most suited to their needs. Here are a couple of options:

  • ● Private Golf Lessons

If your kid’s golfing goal is to become a competitive player, it’s best to opt for private lessons. This one-on-one instruction will improve their skills and overall game.

  • ● Group Sessions

If your kid is looking to socialize more than compete, choose group golf lessons. Besides being a great way to learn the game, they get to interact with like-minded children.

For your child to improve their game, attending a golf academy for lessons is a great option. Hopefully, these suggestions will allow your child to get the most out of their instruction. Keep in mind that the sport is meant to be recreational in the beginning. If they are stressed at the thought of attending golf lessons or playing with others, they will be missing out on the primary element of the game – having fun.